French Fancies anyone?

Every year the RBA runs a competition called 'Rising Stars' for young people
to enter and this is sponsored by Art Societies throughout the country. 

As the Young Art Rep. for The Arts Society Woburn Area, to which I belong, I was delighted to receive notice that a painting by Rebecca Deary called 'French Fancies' was chosen, as one of the 20 successful entries this year. Rebecca's painting will be exhibited at both the ROSL and MALL Galleries in 2020, (sometime between mid-late Feb. to April) Dates to be confirmed 

Rebecca was an A level pupil at Harlington Upper School, Bedfordshire, whose Art
Department must be congratulated, as this is the third consecutive year that
a student from the school has won a place to exhibit in  the 'Rising Star'
Competition, which The Art Society Woburn Area have helped bring
about and support. 

Bronwen Martin

The Arts Society Woburn Area