50 Treasures Beds and Herts

50 Treasures Project
I’m particularly pleased to be chairing the sub-committee responsible for the production of 50 Treasures Beds and Herts. The aim of these books is to highlight rare, little known and often overlooked interesting things, places or buildings that are important to you. The series of books will be on sale through The Arts Society nationally, of course within our own society in Welwyn and will follow the format of the books that are already available. The concept will be like the Pevsner Architectural guides; only instead of being about buildings within an area it will include those special places or things that are important to you as an Arts Society member and are in celebration of 50 years of The Arts Society, previously NADFAS. The books will be available next year for £5.00 per book and are of excellent quality. Take a look one of the available books at the members desk next meeting: I’m sure you will be delighted with the quality of the images and the printing.
So, who will choose the 50 Treasures? Well, basically you. We are requesting all members to send me your suggestion for a Treasure and when we have exhausted all your ideas the Area committee and I will sit down and start the job of whittling down the list to the 50 most popular suggestions.
I’m delighted with the response and enthusiasm for the 50 Treasures project and to date I’ve received over 60 suggestions from around the Area for inclusion into the book. Do send me your suggestions of ‘Treasures’ for the Area, be they in Beds or Herts., so do think about that secret place you always return to! Don’t worry about duplications or “the obvious” as the more times an item or place is nominated will be an indication of its popularity; no matter how diverse. There is a specified format for wording and images so to prevent unnecessary work we just want your suggestions at this time.

What constitutes a 'Treasure'? Who am I to say, but do get back to me with your 'special place' and perhaps you will see it immortalised in print.

Send your suggested Treasures to IanBurgess@Bengeoherts.co.uk